Who is ADOL?

Collaboration to Enhance Efficiency and Efficacy of Healthcare Delivery Content:

American Doctors Online (ADOL) is a pioneering telehealth/telemedicine service provider, innovator and resource for healthcare business management and development.

Our services and solutions have one common denominator – they continue to revolutionize healthcare delivery by leveraging the combination of audio and video communications.

Founded in 1999 by a group of physicians, ADOL today is managed by a cadre of expert physicians and healthcare business leaders. We have evolved from providing standard practice management services into an organization that prides itself on offering solutions throughout the healthcare continuum through the use of telehealth/telemedicine mediums.

ADOL’s focus is to provide solutions that do at least one of the following through telehealth/telemedicine technologies:

  • Improves efficiencies
  • Improves profitability
  • Broadens revenue streams
  • Reduces risks associated with healthcare delivery
  • Reduces unnecessary utilizations/readmissions

ADOL serves as an advisor and an entrepreneurial think tank to implementing telemedicine networks nationwide. Our industry experts partner with organizations and federal agencies to leverage ADOL's patented processes and technologies in order to commercialize applications that satisfy market opportunities and needs. Our unique approach helps to accelerate commercialization.

Regardless of job function, everyone at ADOL leverages three key elements that make-up the core of our company's culture: Expertise, Collaborative Processes and an Entrepreneurial Spirit are key to creative environment that helps us all add value to our partners and clients.

Expertise: From our patented processes to our team of medical and business experts, ADOL offers the technology and the know-how to improve healthcare delivery. Our team of experts understands the complexity of the ever-changing healthcare industry. We combine that understanding with an entrepreneurial atmosphere and collaborative approach to develop innovative solutions that improve healthcare delivery.

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Collaborative Processes: Breakthroughs are not often created in a vacuum. The most effective and well-vetted solutions require the collaboration of experts from different disciplines and points of view. Whether it’s our own physicians and business leaders working together or our team working with outside partners to develop and commercialize something new, we work as a living lab. Our 3in Lab teams work in tandem with a real-time iterative approach to innovation and commercialization.

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Entrepreneurial Spirit: Passion and “permission” to capitalize on opportunity and having the resources and encouragement to see it through is the way to rapid and effective innovation.  At American Doctors Online, our team follows the Edison Innovation Literacy Blueprint. This ensures that our entrepreneurial spirit is harnessed within a standard and proven process that guides our innovations.

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