The New Face of the Doctor on Call For Extended Care Facilities – Reducing Readmissions by over 52%


Timely access to physicians is a growing challenge for Extended Care Facilities (ECFs) such as skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), rehab centers and long-term care facilities. This often results in preventable and costly Emergency Department (ED) transfers and hospital admissions and readmissions. Today’s healthcare environment places multiple demands on community physicians including coverage of offices, hospitals and ECFs. Imagine having the doctor on call arriving to the patient’s bedside almost immediately.

PhoneDOCTORx (PDRx) is an innovative telemedicine company that provides physician coverage services through audio and/or video conferencing consultation services. Partnering with PhoneDOCTORx, Extended Care Facilities (ECFs) are empowered to provide nurses, patients and their families with confidential, real-time access to Board Certified physicians in non-urgent, urgent and emergent care consultation through a state-of-the-art medical call center service.

The PDRx services include consultation for non-urgent/urgent/emergent clinical issues, reviewing laboratory and radiology test results, reviewing medication reconciliations of new admissions to the facility, INRs, management of behavioral and pain control issues, family consultation and staff education. Patients in partnered Extended Care Facilities can speak with, and be seen by, Board Certified physicians through a high-definition, two-way camera unit wheeled right to the patient’s bedside.

PhoneDOCTORx uses the patented telemedicine services and practice management services of American Doctors Online (ADOL) to provide face-to-face, real-time access to physicians, resulting in reduction of transfers to the ED, as well as admissions and readmissions, by 52% or more.

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