ADOL Is Shifting The Paradigm Through Connections


Our mission is to accelerate healthcare delivery through the synthesis of innovation, administration/management, education, knowledge management, partnerships, and research, via telehealth.

  • Accelerate cross-industry connections through the use of audio and visual communications
  • Accelerate telehealth and its components:
    • Administration/Management
    • Education
    • Innovation
    • Knowledge Management
    • Partnerships
    • Research
  • Accelerate healthcare delivery

American Doctors Online (ADOL) was founded in 1999 and managed by both business professionals and physicians with over 250 years' combined experience. Since then, the organization has evolved from its practice management roots into a pioneering telehealth provider. At ADOL we pride ourselves on providing unique service and solution combinations that create impactful transformations in healthcare delivery. Our services and solutions have one common denominator – they are rooted within audio and video communications - telehealth.