About Us

Innovators in Telehealth and Telemedicine Technologies

In these days of exploding overhead and imploding reimbursements, physicians nationwide are looking for a way to reverse the trend where taking care of patients and taking care of business are becoming virtually mutually exclusive.

American Doctors Online (ADOL) works to improve efficiency and quality of healthcare delivery and patient outcomes through the use of our patented telehealth/telemedicine technologies and processes.

Our mission is to leverage adaptive technologies such as telehealth and telemedicine in order to accelerate innovations in enhanced patient-practitioner interactions, education, operational efficiencies and administration. We accomplish this through the synthesis and connections of communications, innovation, knowledge management, and partnerships.

A holistic approach to the business and clinical sides of caring for patients is increasingly important as healthcare delivery becomes increasingly complex and specialized. In addition to facilitating coordination and navigation throughout the healthcare continuum, there are two other key areas where ADOL excels in providing value to today’s healthcare environment:

  • Provider-patient interaction to improve care quality, coordination and satisfaction
  • Acute and chronic illness management to identify and manage appropriate levels of care and avoid unnecessary procedures, tests or readmissions

We synthesize the best services and solutions through innovation, experience, knowledge management, and partnerships or alliances to facilitate better outcomes and serve our customers' complex needs. By developing and commercializing products from its patented technologies and partnerships, ADOL has brought the concept of providing care via audio and videoconferencing into the 21st century.