3in Labs

Inspiration +Innovation + Integration = Leadership in Telehealth

3in Labs3in Lab is American Doctors Online's Innovation Team, an interactive and collaborative think tank of solutions-oriented innovators and industry leaders.

Dr. Paul Bulat, Chief Innovation Officer, leads the 3in Lab team. He helped pioneer the telemedicine/telehealth market with four existing patents and four pending patents. The team works to develop new patentable technologies and to leverage its existing patents for innovative market applications. It also collaborates with healthcare industry leaders, providing consultative and advisory services to accelerate clients’ own telehealth/telemedicine innovation initiatives.

The 3in Lab operates under three core pillars that work interdependently to guide the team’s progress and everyday decision-making:


An inspired idea can be the genesis of a new recipe or an historic breakthrough, because any innovation starts first as just an idea. For members of the 3in Lab Team, inspiration is based on a deep understanding of the healthcare industry and its challenges.

The 3in Lab team leverages this understanding with a big dose of creativity, problem-solving attitude and critical-thinking approach. ADOL follows the Edison Innovation Literacy Blueprint Model to identify problems and their solutions. Staff utilize this standard process as the framework that harnesses an inspired idea and guides it toward an innovative solution.

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Innovation is the result of taking inspiration and turning it into something both tangible and useful.

As a part of its innovation process, the 3in Lab team leverages existing patents for new applications and works to develop new patents that will lead to expanded product and service offerings.

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The 3in Lab team achieves innovation by integrating various sources of input, information and feedback because it is a living lab. The concept of the living laboratory leverages integration as an inherent component of its process.

This approach works to integrate technology with market opportunity. Traditionally, product development often took one of two approaches. Sometimes, the technology is the driver, and the challenge is to find a marketable application for it. Others, there is a market opportunity but no identified solution. The living lab integrates both approaches so that solution and problem converge together.

Living labs integrate different experts, audiences and even elements of a traditional critical path for development. So whether the team is working on its own or with an outside partner to develop and commercialize something new, the living lab facilitates and accelerates the product development process.

In the 3in Lab, there are several telehealth/telemedicine solutions concurrently under development. Each leverages ADOL’s patents to help manage medical information and enable decisions based on comprehensive patient and diagnostic data.

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